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Thaddeus Moss

Washington Redskins (RIP)

Tight End

Rookie Free Agent

Louisiana State University

Strength: Thaddeus Moss is the son of a great wide receiver. Thaddeus Moss is a strong run blocker. Thaddeus Moss is an above average pass blocker out of the tight end position. Thaddeus Moss has good hands. Thaddeus Moss adjusts well to balls in the air.
Weakness: Thaddeus Moss lacks ideal speed. Thaddeus Moss is a bit short for a tight end. Thaddeus Moss lacks quickness. Thaddeus Moss has had a lot of injuries. Thaddeus Moss lacks wide receiver route running skills.
Development: Thaddeus Moss will never be confused for a tall, lean, fleet-footed receiver who can shake defensive backs at will. However, he does posses reliable hands and above average contested catch skills. He also has above average yards after the catch potential for a tight end. Though he has a very long way to go in his route running development, he is an able and willing blocker. That is the kind of thing that can help a tight end stick around and develop. Unfortunately, the sole reason Thaddeus Moss was not drafted is that he hasn't been able to stay healthy. He has a high floor and a high ceiling, but if he isn't able to stay healthy he may not stick around long enough to reach either.
Fantasy Football Rating: All-around potential.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Adequate athlete with adequate skills to be a complete TE, but only if he can get healthy and stay healthy for a few years at a time.

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