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Antonio Gibson

Washington Redskins (RIP)




Strength: Antonio Gibson has an ideal halfback build. Antonio Gibson broke free for a lot of big plays with the ball in his hands. Antonio Gibson is an excellent special teams tackler. Antonio Gibson has burner speed in a thick, powerful package. Antonio Gibson has excellent burst.
Weakness: Antonio Gibson struggled to find regular playing time for Memphis. Antonio Gibson struggles to find and connect with his blocking assignments out of the backfield. Antonio Gibson is not an experienced wide receiver. Antonio Gibson is not an experienced running back. Antonio Gibson hasn't run a diverse route tree.
Development: Antonio Gibson has special teams experience and should be able to step right in and play on all special teams units for the Redskins (RIP). Antonio Gibson played an explosive, scatback role when he finally saw playing time on offense. What's odd about that is that he's built more like a short H-back. So in college he played a lot like Raghib Ismail, but his build and athleticism is more reminiscent of Herschel Walker. The question now is what position he'll play for the Redskins (RIP). I think that will mostly be determined by how quickly he masters various routes as a receiver. If he shows himself able to pick things up quickly and run great routes, he'll likely be developed as a wide receiver. But if Antonio Gibson struggles with routes, expect to seem him developed initially in a scatback role and then later, if he handles the transition well, into a Christian McCaffrey featured halfback and occasional slot receiver type of role. He will need to work very hard on his blitz pickup to move into that kind of more featured running back role in the future. If Antonio Gibson picks up run blocking quickly, he could actually find himself playing some H-back this year, creating blitz, run rush, and coverage dilemmas and matchup problems opponents. Unless he is injured or just not able to pick up the playbook his first year, expect to see him featured regularly on draws, screens, decoys, pistols, and reverses.
Fantasy Football Rating: Always a threat to take it the distance with speed + power.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Explosive athlete project with a high floor for passes out of backfield and a high ceiling if he is ever able to settle in as a featured RB or WR.

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