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James Smith-Williams

Washington Redskins (RIP)

Defensive End


North Carolina State

Strength: James Smith-Williams is intelligent. James Smith-Williams has been a productive special teams player. James Smith-Williams is built to be a defensive end. James Smith-Williams has experience at outside linebacker. James Smith-Williams is an excellent athlete for his size. James Smith-Williams has good speed for his size. James Smith-Williams plays with consistent upper and lower body strength. James Smith-Williams is a hard worker. James Smith-Williams has long arms. James Smith-Williams gets decent leverage against heavier players.
Weakness: James Smith-Williams has constantly dealt with injuries in college. James Smith-Williams lacks the elite coverage skills necessary to mirror quick slot receivers. James Smith-Williams's pass rushing is more instinctual and athletic than technically sound. James Smith-Williams doesn't have a lot of hand moves. James Smith-Williams hasn't consistently shown he can beat more athletic blockers to the edge.
Development: It is possible that James Smith-Williams has just had bad injury luck. If that is the case, the Redskins (RIP) may be getting a second round grade player with their last pick in the seventh round. If he is actually injury prone, then James Smith-Williams won't be in the NFL for long. Potentially having the most talent stacked defensive line I've ever seen, they must have felt his upside was just too much to pass by late in the draft. If they can find room for another defensive lineman at the end of the roster, he is already a skilled special teams player. He has the speed and intelligence to be an emergency linebacker as well. However, his special skill is disrupting the offensive backfield. If he can stay healthy and is given opportunities, he has the talent to start in the NFL some day.
Fantasy Football Rating: Impact player in the offensive backfield when he's healthy.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: First round pick athlete with a very long injury history and mediocre production.

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