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Kamren Curl

Washington Redskins (RIP)

Strong Safety



Strength: Kamren Curl has decent size for a safety. Kamren Curl has starting experience against high level college competition. Kamren Curl is a heavy hitter. Kamren Curl has the requisite athleticism to shed blockers and tackle running backs. Kamren Curl has experience playing cornerback.
Weakness: Kamren Curl struggles to mirror in coverage. Kamren Curl hasn't shown much big play ability. Kamren Curl is a bit undersized for a box safety. Kamren Curl is a bit slow for a safety.
Development: Kamren Curl is relatively experienced at the college level, but has a long way to go to be ready for the NFL. Though he is decent at reading plays and showing up where he needs to be, Kamren Curl needs a lot of work on route recognition and coverage technique. He also needs to get better at jumping routes and knocking the football out. The question is really whether he can become a better player against NFL competition than he was against college competition. If he doesn't improve a great deal, he is unlikely to ever challenge for a starting job in the NFL. What he has going for him is that he is built for and has the tenacity to be good at special teams. If he can perform well on special teams he may get the time he needs to develop as a defensive player.
Fantasy Football Rating: Nothing positive to speak of in the short term.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Adequate, versatile, full-effort athlete with experience and play recognition, but raw technique.

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