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Chase Young

Washington Redskins (RIP)

Defensive End


Ohio State

Strength: Chase Young is a full-effort play-finisher. Chase Young piled up sacks against some of the best offensive linemen in college football. Chase Young is a sure tackler, even while going for the ball. Chase Young makes a lot of plays in the backfield. Chase Young is self-aware. Chase Young has shown some coverage skills. Chase Young has a very quick first move at the snap. Chase Young causes a lot of fumbles. Chase Young has ideal size for a 4-3 defensive end. Chase Young has the quick hips, flexibility, change of direction, acceleration, speed, and agility to play cornerback or scatback. Chase Young has elite hand-eye coordination. Chase Young has elite hand strength. Chase Young easily sheds run blockers of all sizes. Chase Young plays with superior balance. Chase Young has experience shifting along the defensive front seven to draw mismatches. Chase Young confidently invokes his first instinct on each play. Chase Young is a hard worker. Chase Young is ultra-competitive. Chase Young has room on his frame to add bulk without losing athleticism.
Weakness: Chase Young occasionally struggles with leverage. Chase Young sometimes over-penetrates and over-pursues. Chase Young has a limited array of moves, though very good with the ones he has. Chase Young doesn't often overpower strong offensive linemen. Chase Young has struggled to read plays and may not fit well at LB in an NFL 3-4. Chase Young has a cocky streak.
Development: Chase Young is the highest rated prospect the Redskins (RIP) have drafted since Sean Taylor. However, despite always being the best athlete on the field, he is not a particularly polished lineman. For example, recently drafted linemates Jonathan Allen and Montez Sweat came into the league with much more polished technique, NFL-ready run-stopping skills, and a wider array of pass-rush moves. Going to a team with young veterans who are great athletes in their own rights and who study their craft so carefully could really accelerate the learning process for Chase Young, showing him both how far he needs to go and how to get there. He may need to occasionally be pitted against great blockers in order to experience how much better his technique and recognition need to be, as his athleticism made it too easy for him in college. But the Redskins (RIP) have great depth at DL and may be tempted to simply put him in positions where he'll dominate one-on-one match-ups against lesser players from the start. There is no doubt he's ready to consistently blow by mediocre NFL linemen, but he will really need to work on developing more moves and refine his technique in order to show up the way he needs to on every play against good NFL linemen. He'll also need to work on discipline in order to avoid getting sucked out of position by much more savvy players and schemes. While he'll probably struggle early, it won't be obvious to the casual observer because he will make a lot of big, positive plays from the start.
Fantasy Football Rating: Defensive stat machine from the start who could one day take over games, wrecking offenses' stats.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Chase Young has a generational combination of size and athleticism. It will be a disappointment if he doesn't make the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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