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Khaleke Hudson

Washington Redskins (RIP)

Outside Linebacker



Strength: Khaleke Hudson has good vision. Khaleke Hudson has experience at corner, safety, inside linebacker, and outside linebacker. Khaleke Hudson has made a lot of big plays as a special teams tackler and punt blocker. Khaleke Hudson has a sturdy safety build. Khaleke Hudson was a punishing, consistent tackler against top college competition. Khaleke Hudson plays with strength. Khaleke Hudson has above average speed for a linebacker. Khaleke Hudson is football smart.
Weakness: Khaleke Hudson is undersized for a linebacker. Khaleke Hudson gets consistently burned by good route runners. Khaleke Hudson doesn't make a lot of plays on the ball. Khaleke Hudson hasn't made a lot of big plays the last couple of years.
Development: Khaleke Hudson looks more like a halfback than an linebacker. But what he really excels at is finding lanes to stuff halfbacks and quarterbacks. Is he big enough to do that over a long NFL schedule, often hitting backs who are bigger than him? He has adequate speed and quickness to play in the defensive backfield, but the agility for coverage on quick receivers just isn't there. As such he will likely be developed primarily as an undersized linebacker and/or a box safety. He has the experience to step right in and contribute in those roles, but it remains to be seen whether he can develop into a four-down player. He's certainly ready to step in and make big plays on special teams.
Fantasy Football Rating: Tackle machine when he starts.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Experienced, productive, strong, undersized athlete who needs to have a special role carved out for him in order to be more than average.

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