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Keith Ismael

Washington Redskins (RIP)



San Diego State

Strength: Keith Ismael is a smooth athlete. Keith Ismael has played well at center, right guard, and left guard. Keith Ismael consistently generates powerful short yardage push by surprising people with his quick hand punch. Keith Ismael plays with enthusiasm. Keith Ismael has good short-space movement and recovery. Keith Ismael has a natural center build. Keith Ismael shows good scheme recognition and potential to be a good blocking assignment caller at the NFL level. Keith Ismael is football smart.
Weakness: Keith Ismael lacks ideal size for a guard. Keith Ismael hasn't shown much horizontal agility. Keith Ismael lacks the speed for consistent pulling and second level run blocking. Keith Ismael can be knocked off balance by power hand punchers on pass plays. Keith Ismael can be pushed backward on pass plays by powerful interior linemen.
Development: Keith Ismael comes in as an experienced interior lineman who is mentally ready to contribute as a short-yardage blocker and special teams snapper. He has a decent floor because he rarely gets completely beaten by pass rushers. He has a long way way to go with his hand and foot technique, which gives him potential to grow. He looks like he can add a little muscle to his naturally strong build. He is not a guy you expect to be able to do more speed types of blocking in the open field, but does have the athleticism to make blocks once he arrives. He projects very well a year from now as someone who can be a plus run blocker and has the small space athleticism to stay in front of the best pass rushers in the league. It is just a matter of hard work and time for Keith Ismael to become a starting level interior lineman in the NFL. Whether he makes the roster his first season will probably depend on showing he can optimize his blocking technique quickly while providing some help on special teams.
Fantasy Football Rating: Goal-line plus, otherwise average.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Cerebral, undersized, versatile, small-space interior lineman.

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