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Antonio Gandy-Golden

Washington Redskins (RIP)

Wide Receiver



Strength: Antonio Gandy-Golden has excellent size. Antonio Gandy-Golden put up good strength and athleticism numbers in workouts. Antonio Gandy-Golden was a productive receiver in college. Antonio Gandy-Golden wins a lot of positioning and jump ball battles. Antonio Gandy-Golden is intelligent. Antonio Gandy-Golden is an excellent leaper. Antonio Gandy-Golden has strong hands as a receiver. Antonio Gandy-Golden is a competitor. Antonio Gandy-Golden is a surprisingly good blocker.
Weakness: Antonio Gandy-Golden is a bit slow for a wide receiver. Antonio Gandy-Golden struggles to avoid defenders at the line of scrimmage. Antonio Gandy-Golden lacks suddenness in his routes. Antonio Gandy-Golden has very raw route running technique. Antonio Gandy-Golden hasn't performed well on quick routes. Antonio Gandy-Golden rarely gets separation from defensive backs.
Development: Antonio Gandy-Golden is a very raw wide receiver developmental prospect with some very intriguing size and hands. Though they feature different builds, his play style, skills, and production are very similar to that of Kelvin Harmon. He looks like the ideal receiver when he is breaking for the ball or creating separation after the catch. But his route running is so raw as to make one wonder if he can play wide receiver in the NFL. He has the kind of body that could add a lot of weight to play tight end, for which he would seem to be a better fit. However, if he is able to work hard and become more of a technician, he certainly has all of the other traits to be a problem for opposing defenses.
Fantasy Football Rating: Antonio Gandy-Golden is a tall leaper who can adjust to balls in the air = red zone threat.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Route running project with size, athleticism, and history of production. Low floor, high ceiling.

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