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Saahdiq Charles

Washington Redskins (RIP)

Offensive Tackle


Louisiana State University

Strength: Saahdiq Charles is big. Saahdiq Charles is a natural athlete. Saahdiq Charles often dominated college football's best pass rushers. Saahdiq Charles shows very good balance against a variety of pass rush moves.
Weakness: Saahdiq Charles has plenty of character red flags in his history. There are questions about whether Saahdiq Charles has the wisdom necessary to play in the NFL. Saahdiq Charles doesn't always appear to be giving full effort on the field. Saahdiq Charles didn't show a lot of improvement in technique during his time in college. Saahdiq Charles will occasionally simply fail to initiate a block. Saahdiq Charles is a reactive pass blocker.
Development: Saahdiq Charles is a big man who has had successful moments against college football's best. Saahdiq Charles has also had plenty of moments where it looks like he's really just not trying that hard. Given how gifted an athlete Saahdiq Charles is, it may just be that college football was too easy for him and he has not developed the desire to dominate each opponent on each play. That said, he does show a lot more enthusiasm when he is running in space looking to pound linebackers and defensive backs. In this way he does present some similarities to Trent Williams, who also came out of college as a great athlete with sometimes questionable desire and development. As with Trent Williams, whether Saahdiq Charles is simply a great athlete who gets by on talent or becomes a great football player will depend totally on him finding the motivation to work to be the best at every practice and on every play. He also needs to work in the weight room to refine his natural strength into more of a raw strength that will endure throughout a game. If he isn't able to improve his strength and endurance, he may be a more natural fit at guard. Expect him to be given every opportunity to play early for the Redskins (RIP) and to mostly play well, but also to have quite a few negative plays where you just wonder whether he fell asleep.
Fantasy Football Rating: Athletic enough to be a great run blocker and already a good pass blocker when focused.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Saahdiq Charles has the tools to be a Pro Bowl tackle, but is being a great football player a life priority?

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