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Steven Sims Jr.

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Steven Sims Jr. is an experienced slot receiver. Steven Sims Jr. has good burst and quickness. Steven Sims Jr. consistently displays short space shiftiness. Steven Sims Jr. is a gifted returner. Steven Sims Jr. goes and gets the ball in the air.
Weakness: Steven Sims Jr. was not a dominant college player. Steven Sims Jr. is short by NFL standards. Steven Sims Jr. can be knocked off his routes by defensive backs quick enough to touch him.
Development: Steven Sims Jr. is a high ceiling athlete who didn't show a lot of development in college. While he shows potential to develop consistent, devastating route running skills and his college experience is out of the slot, if I were his college coach I probably would have played him at scat back. He's the kind of guy you want with the ball in his hands in space, though he has the vision and shiftiness to work through traffic. His size and lackluster production curve convey a player with a low floor, but he definitely has the type of high ceiling that makes you want to see if he can put in the work and come out something special a few years in the future. His return skills are his ticket in the mean time.
Fantasy Football Rating: Home run threat, but mostly in the future if he has one.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Steven Sims Jr. is a short, shifty slot receiver who needs touches in space in order to have any impact.

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