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Jonathan Bonner

Washington Redskins

Defensive End

Rookie Free Agent

Notre Dame

Strength: Jonathan Bonner is a leader. Jonathan Bonner is intelligent. Jonathan Bonner has performed equally well at defensive tackle and defensive end. Jonathan Bonner has a prototype build for a defensive lineman. Jonathan Bonner is a team player.
Weakness: Jonathan Bonner did not put up an impressive statistic in college. Jonathan Bonner is a mediocre athlete.
Development: Jonathan Bonner is a coach on the field and a leader in the locker room type of player. While he has a great body for the position, a team-first attitude, and uses his skills well, he lacks the athleticism to develop into an elite NFL lineman. He has a high floor as a run-stopping defensive lineman as he seldom makes mistakes on the field and can be counted on to do his job when called on to play, but there is room for micro-technique improvement to avoid being embarrassed by more gifted NFL linemen. Teams need a few guys like Jonathan Bonner to provide vision and to keep their teammates on task. He is very much a short-term long shot, but a guy who could definitely benefit any franchise long-term as a role player. It would be less shocking to see him coaching than playing 5 years down the road.
Fantasy Football Rating: Jonathan Bonner plays a statless role.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Jonathan Bonner has the build and intellect to play football, but lacks athletic explosiveness.

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