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JoJo McIntosh

Washington Redskins

Strong Safety

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: JoJo McIntosh is an explosive tackler. JoJo McIntosh is an enthusiastic run stopper. JoJo McIntosh is an experienced, productive college strong safety.
Weakness: JoJo McIntosh lacks ball skills and has small hands. JoJo McIntosh lacks NFL defensive back agility. JoJo McIntosh is not a disciplined player. JoJo McIntosh lacks NFL defensive back speed.
Development: JoJo McIntosh is another example of the Redskins seldom being intrigued by pure safeties and instead going after undersized inside linebackers and strong safeties who play like inside linebackers. He is essentially a tough tackler who plays the middle of the field well, but is too small to play linebacker and lacks the athletic traits of a defensive back. He will either need to bulk up to play a hybrid linebacker/safety position or develop rapidly in his coverage technique in order to make it in the NFL. What you will see at all times from JoJo McIntosh whenever he is on a field is a guy who makes tackles with a pop that gets the defense excited and makes offensive players a little wobbly. This ability to attract attention and Washington DC's shortage of coverage competent safeties give him a decent shot at sticking.
Fantasy Football Rating: JoJo McIntosh is a tackle machine.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: JoJo McIntosh is a hard hitting tweener with limited athleticism.

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