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Jerald Foster

Washington Redskins

Offensive Guard

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Jerald Foster has a solid build for an offensive guard. Jerald Foster is a hard worker. Jerald Foster plays tough. Jerald Foster is an experienced offensive guard who has held his own against good competition.
Weakness: Jerald Foster tore a knee ligament a few years ago. Jerald Foster lacks aggressiveness and agility. Jerald Foster makes his blocks, but seldom gets push nor dominates opponents.
Development: Jerald Foster remade himself from somewhat of a pudgy, talented college lineman into a strong, athletic lineman after recovering from a knee injury in college. This ability to work in order to recover, adapt, and improve even though he was already locked in as one of the best players on the team is exactly what a borderline talent like him needs to break through as an undrafted free agent at the NFL level. He must get even stronger and become much more of a tactician in order to latch on in the NFL. Jerald Foster has the talent and build to get the job done, so it will be interesting to see how hard he can work and how much he can improve in order to grab a spot.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not ready.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Intelligent, tough player with NFL body who needs to develop power as both a pass and run blocker.

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