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Deion Harris

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

North Dakota

Strength: Deion Harris looks like he was built to play cornerback in the NFL. Deion Harris has shown good ball skills. Deion Harris runs well with the ball in his hands. Deion Harris has very fluid movement for his size. Deion Harris plays tight man coverage. Deion Harris shows an aptitude for zone coverage.
Weakness: Deion Harris has an injury red flag. Deion Harris lacks NFL cornerback speed. Deion Harris hasn't faced top college competition often.
Development: Many years ago, Deion Harris was a flashy, big-time prospect from a small school program. Then an Achilles injury happened and he fell completely off the NFL radar when he followed with a statistically mediocre senior season. Deion Harris is strong, yet long-limbed and wiry. While he lacks ideal speed, he has enough speed to get the job done if he is able to maximize his athletic fluidity. If he regains more of his pre-injury form, he could return to being the elite NFL prospect he once was. Tall guys who are athletic enough to blanket small speedsters are a rarity and he should be given more chances than most rookie free agents for a career in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Blanket cover skills with long arms and good hands.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal build, athleticism, and small-school production history with injury recovery questions.

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