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Craig Reynolds

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Craig Reynolds is a well-built halfback. Craig Reynolds has good hands. Craig Reynolds has extensive special teams experience. Craig Reynolds was the clear star and leader of his small school. Craig Reynolds is an agile athlete. Craig Reynolds played tough through injuries.
Weakness: Craig Reynolds hasn't played against top competition. Craig Reynolds has had a variety of minor injuries. Craig Reynolds may already have a lot of wear on his body.
Development: Craig Reynolds was a featured back at a small school and has the right build to do that at the NFL level, but his talents and history make him seem better suited for a third-down back position in the NFL. He's the kind of guy who you can throw the ball to in space to get him some opportunities to make plays or hand the ball to on draws several times per game in hopes of him breaking off a couple of long runs. That he is a very experienced returner further makes him the ideal third-down back. He needs to work on his pass protection and route running in order to fill that position at the NFL level. He'll also need to adjust to better athletes and tighter receiving windows in the NFL. A year on the practice squad or a shot as a returner could be just what he needs to get a chance to show his skills. Staying healthy will be a must if he is going to make it.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he plays regularly, he is a red-zone receiving threat out of the backfield.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Craig Reynolds is a third-down back/returner who needs to prove he can block and stay healthy.

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