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Brian Wallace

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Brian Wallace has an ideal build for an NFL offensive tackle. Brian Wallace has long arms and strong hands. Brian Wallace moves well for his size.
Weakness: Brian Wallace lacks NFL athleticism. Brian Wallace doesn't play with adequate power. Brian Wallace misses blocks. Brian Wallace misses assignments.
Development: Brian Wallace is very much an ideal build project of an offensive tackle, despite being a highly recruited athlete coming out of high school given plenty of opportunities to develop in a solid college program. While the Redskins clearly have a need at offensive tackle, he doesn't look like a guy who can fill it any time soon. It is doubtful he is a future prospect either, unless he just comes into training camp and starts pancaking defensive linemen every other play.
Fantasy Football Rating: Sack turnstyle.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Drool-worthy NFL tackle body, but lost on the field.

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