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BJ Blunt

Washington Redskins

Outside Linebacker

Rookie Free Agent

McNeese State

Strength: BJ Blunt has plus ball skills for a linebacker. BJ Blunt is a high motor player. BJ Blunt has solid pass coverage recognition. BJ Blunt is a fluid athlete. BJ Blunt has some experience at all linebacker and safety positions. BJ Blunt has some on-field leadership qualities.
Weakness: BJ Blunt is a bit undersized for a strong safety, let alone an inside linebacker. BJ Blunt lacks ideal linebacker speed. BJ Blunt hasn't competed against top players. BJ Blunt has a questionable academic record.
Development: BJ Blunt has the pass rush skills of a 3-4 outside linebacker and the coverage skills of a free safety. However, he lacks the size to play linebacker and the speed to play safety. What he does provide is a guy who can recognize and play the run and the pass equally well from the inside linebacker position. BJ Blunt also does a good job of talking to his teammates about what he's seeing. Though he lacks NFL level athleticism and size, there is a place in the NFL for versatile athletes like BJ Blunt who can fill in at many positions and play on all special teams. He needs to show up big early in order to get that chance.
Fantasy Football Rating: BJ Blunt put up stats from every position, albeit against weak opponents.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Undersized, versatile tweener who could be a valuable backup and special teams player.

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