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Austin Maloata

Washington Redskins

Defensive Tackle

Rookie Free Agent

Austin Peay

Strength: Austin Maloata has a natural defensive lineman's build. Austin Maloata is a natural athlete.
Weakness: Austin Maloata is a bit undersized for a nose tackle. Austin Maloata has some character red flags. Austin Maloata is a bit rounded for a lineman. Austin Maloata has a criminal history.
Development: Austin Maloata is a third chance player. He is by all accounts a nice guy who is liked by teammates, but who hasn't made a lot of good choice. He also hasn't shown a lot of focus. He was a solid defensive lineman due to his natural build and athleticism right from the start of his college career, but hasn't shown a lot of progress. He has had the benefit of playing a lot of different positions along the line and he holds his lanes well. However, he hasn't shown a lot of upside on the football field and he doesn't have any outstanding traits to make him a prospect. I would be surprised if he made an NFL practice squad on his football skills alone. His off-field decision making history makes it seem all the more improbable.
Fantasy Football Rating: Lane stuffer.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Undersized, but natural interior lineman with limited ceiling and character red flags.

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