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Terry McLaurin

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver


Ohio State

Strength: Terry McLaurin has elite speed. Terry McLaurin has powerful legs and arms. Terry McLaurin is an excellent route runner against press, man, and zone schemes. Terry McLaurin is an experienced and gifted special teams player. Terry McLaurin is an excellent blocker. Terry McLaurin has made a lot of big plays against top competition. Terry McLaurin is football smart. Terry McLaurin is a leader. Terry McLaurin is a hard worker. Terry McLaurin is well-built for a wide receiver.
Weakness: Terry McLaurin has unreliable hands. Terry McLaurin wasn't a primary receiving target in college.
Development: Terry McLaurin is one of those guys that no matter what you ask him to do on the football field, he plays like he has been doing it for years. He has the elite speed, skills, and play recognition to quickly adapt to any wide receiver position and route set, as well as to move around and to work out of the backfield. So expect Terry McLaurin to be the guy you see featured a couple plays per game in draws, quick screens, quick slants, and deep routes. While he has a lot of work to do picking up an NFL system, expect him to fit in very quickly. His so-so hands are his biggest long-term detriment, but if he can be more consistent in his concentration he has all of the tools to become an elite NFL receiver. If he is not able to improve his hands, he still looks like a player who will make a name for himself on special teams and occasionally stretching defenses with deep routes.
Fantasy Football Rating: Terry McLaurin is a big play receiver.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Terry McLaurin is a full-effort player with ideal speed and football intelligence.

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