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Montez Sweat

Washington Redskins

Defensive End


Mississippi State

Strength: Montez Sweat has ideal size and speed for a football player. Montez Sweat accelerates very well for his size. Montez Sweat plays with power. Montez Sweat is a good run stopper showing surprising quick and power moves at the point of attack and amazing backside pursuit acceleration. Montez Sweat displays strong hands and powerful arms both in tackling and in parrying blocks.
Weakness: Montez Sweat has some character red flags in his history. Montez Sweat is a long strider. Montez Sweat occasionally loses his base and gets pushed backward or turned around.
Development: Montez Sweat was the best all-around 4-3 defensive end prospect in the draft. Given some time few would be surprised if he ends up being the best 3-4 outside linebacker from the draft. Montez Sweat always stands out on the football field, because he's a huge guy who plays and practices at the speed of a defensive back. The only hole in his game may be a lack of experience in coverage, where the transition to outside linebacker will take a lot of work and reps. However, his speed and long arms will help make up for a lot of mistakes. He should challenge for playing time right away because of his elite run stopping ability and if he develops more variation in his pass rush technique he could soon be a starter.
Fantasy Football Rating: Dominator.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: A new ideal for outside linebacker size/speed and a history of production, he can decide how good he wants to be.

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