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Jordan Brailford

Washington Redskins

Defensive End


Oklahoma State

Strength: Jordan Brailford was a productive college player against top competition. Jordan Brailford has natural football instincts. Jordan Brailford is a full-effort player. Jordan Brailford has shown above average coverage skills for a linebacker. Jordan Brailford is a quick first step and one cut pass rusher. Jordan Brailford pursues and tackles running backs well.
Weakness: Jordan Brailford has some injury red flags. Jordan Brailford lacks the power to play on the line in the NFL. Jordan Brailford lacks defensive lineman bulk. Jordan Brailford lacks ideal linebacker speed. Jordan Brailford does not hold the line against short yardage runs.
Development: Jordan Brailford is one of those guys who always produces no matter where he is playing and no matter who he is playing against. The knocks on him stem from a lack of elite athleticism and size, yet he has consistently excelled against the best he has faced. He has good play speed and tends to be in the right place to make plays. He has played the run well as a lineman and has been moved all around the line and linebacker positions in order to feature his skills. Further, he comes in with experience playing zone and man coverage, in addition to his special skills as a pass rusher that will be relied upon as he makes the moved to outside linebacker in the NFL. So he basically comes into the NFL as an experienced and productive player. What he lacks is technique polish as an outside linebacker. He should also be competent on special teams. Jordan Brailford needs only show that he can make a difference as a pass rusher to grab a roster spot. His history of production all but guarantees somebody will at least have him on their practice squad this season.
Fantasy Football Rating: Makes plays in the backfield.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Undersized tweener with natural pass rush skills.

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