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Jimmy Moreland

Washington Redskins



James Madison

Strength: Jimmy Moreland has elite hand-eye coordination. Jimmy Moreland has good speed. Jimmy Moreland accelerates quickly. Jimmy Moreland has elite agility. Jimmy Moreland shows excellent play and route recognition. Jimmy Moreland has great ball instincts. Jimmy Moreland has excellent recovery burst. Jimmy Moreland was a turnover machine in college. Jimmy Moreland is an excellent special teams player.
Weakness: Jimmy Moreland is short. Jimmy Moreland has short arms. Jimmy Moreland has small hands. Jimmy Moreland hasn't played against top competition. Jimmy Moreland is slender. Jimmy Moreland is easily pushed around by receivers and blockers. Jimmy Moreland occasionally gets lost in zone coverage. Jimmy Moreland has some behavioral red flags in his history.
Development: Jimmy Moreland will remain an unknown quantity until he faces NFL players in NFL games. All that can be said for sure about him is that he's a good athlete with great ball instincts. The question is whether that will be enough when people 7 or 8 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier who have been playing the game for years start battling with him. Jimmy Moreland will have to make a lot of adjustments to how he thinks and plays after experiencing some live action. The talent is there, so we'll have to see if his body can hold up and if he is able to make the necessary adjustments to shine. Showing well on special teams early would help his cause. There is always a place on an NFL roster for a competent man coverage corner with a knack for interceptions.
Fantasy Football Rating: Jimmy Moreland has a knack for turnovers and kick blocks.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Jimmy Moreland is a small school superstar.

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