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Kelvin Harmon

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver


North Carolina State

Strength: Kelvin Harmon is football smart. Kelvin Harmon regularly shows off elite coordination. Kelvin Harmon positions his body very well to shield passes from defenders. Kelvin Harmon tracks down thrown passes with authority. Kelvin Harmon has an ideal wide receiver build. Kelvin Harmon shows desire, instinct, and power as a run blocker in the open field. Kelvin Harmon has strong hands.
Weakness: Kelvin Harmon has below average speed for a wide receiver. Kelvin Harmon lacks quick feet. Kelvin Harmon has limited special teams experience.
Development: Kelvin Harmon is interesting as a late round pick in that he lacks a special teams resume and he projects as ready to play in the NFL. Though he lacks the quick moves and elite speed to shake cornerbacks, Kelvin Harmon is a guy who on every pass route seems to give his QB a small opening where a pass can be completed by being a body placement and spacing tactician. What he lacks in measurables he has more than made up for at the college level with elite instincts. Kelvin Harmon must show that he can do the same against the savvy veterans and elite athletes he'll be seeing nearly every week in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Possession receiver with red-zone skills.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Kelvin Harmon is a productive technician with an NFL body and a speed deficiency.

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