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Cole Holcomb

Washington Redskins

Outside Linebacker


North Carolina

Strength: Cole Holcomb is an effective run stopper. Cole Holcomb is effective in zone and man coverage. Cole Holcomb is a full effort player. Cole Holcomb is a leader. Cole Holcomb has good speed for a linebacker. Cole Holcomb has the fluid athleticism to play strong safety. Cole Holcomb regularly knocks the ball out of the hands of carriers and receivers. Cole Holcomb is a productive special teams player.
Weakness: Cole Holcomb is a bit undersized as a linebacker. Cole Holcomb has questionable hands as a receiver. Cole Holcomb makes a lot of play reading mistakes.
Development: Cole Holcomb is the kind of rookie who excites coaches more than player personnel directors. He knows his position and his job well. He plays at full speed all the time. He creates big plays. He is willing to do whatever you ask him to do on the field. At the same time, he is not as polished as you might expect and he doesn't look like a linebacker. He will need to move to inside linebacker in the NFL where his coverage and run stopping skills will be of a greater asset and his size should not be as much of an issue. A player who goes all-out even when he misreads the play, aside from making play calls the transition to a new position shouldn't phase him and don't be surprised if you see him playing from the start, despite being a 5th round pick.
Fantasy Football Rating: Sacks and forced fumbles.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Undersized, athletic, and ready-to-go.

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