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Ross Pierschbacher

Washington Redskins




Strength: Ross Pierschbacher has a powerful, natural interior lineman's build. Ross Pierschbacher is intelligent. Ross Pierschbacher has played well against top competition at all three interior line positions. Ross Pierschbacher showed relatively polished blocking recognition and technique for a college player. Ross Pierschbacher leads pulling run plays well.
Weakness: Ross Pierschbacher is not particularly physically fit. Ross Pierschbacher can be pushed around by stronger rushers. Ross Pierschbacher lacks the lateral quickness to adjust to quick moves in space. Ross Pierschbacher lacks elite strength.
Development: Though gifted with an ideal build and technically sound, Ross Pierschbacher needs to do a lot of work on his body in order to be a successful blocker in the NFL. He really needs more strength and flexibility to get it done at the NFL level. Fortunately, his natural build should allow him to replace some of his belly with more dense muscle so he can make use of his other tools to get the job done. He is at a place intellectually where he could step in and not embarrass himself right away if needed, but it will be better for himself and the team if he spends a year working on his body first.
Fantasy Football Rating: Ross Pierschbacher is not ready to hold the line nor get push.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ross Pierschbacher is a high floor player with a natural build and a history of success, but in need of further physical development before making any positive impact.

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