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Dwayne Haskins

Washington Redskins



Ohio State

Strength: Dwayne Haskins has a sturdy build. Dwayne Haskins is an intellectual quarterback. Dwayne Haskins had one of the most dominant statistical first seasons in major college football history. Dwayne Haskins has adequate arm strength to throw any kind of pass. Dwayne Haskins has good touch and route anticipation at all levels. Dwayne Haskins has elite accuracy.
Weakness: Dwayne Haskins hasn't played a lot of college football. Dwayne Haskins was surrounded by elite college blockers and receivers. Dwayne Haskins athleticism didn't test well. Dwayne Haskins is sometimes more thoughtful than instinctual as a football player.
Development: Dwayne Haskins is very raw for a first round quarterback. He has all of the tools and he did a great job of protecting the football in his one season, but there is just so much we don't know about his development curve. It's all pretty much guesswork at this point. What he did show is that he's an intelligent quarterback who will try to avoid mistakes and can deliver a football with accuracy rarely seen before. The question is how long will it take to develop him and will they be that patient? Many scouts compare him to Drew Brees, I see more Warren Moon, but either way, both guys had far more experience before joining the NFL and then thousands of reps as NFL starters before reaching their peaks in their 30s. Perhaps the very favorable rules for offenses now will speed up Haskins' development. For the sake of his development I don't think they should give him his shot right away, especially if the offensive line is still in disarray and no wide receivers have established themselves yet.
Fantasy Football Rating: Hall of fame stats potential. Bust potential.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Elite arm project with awesome one year production against top competition, but in a very favorable environment.

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