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Wes Martin

Washington Redskins

Offensive Guard



Strength: Wes Martin is an intelligent football player. Wes Martin is a leader. Wes Martin has powerful arms. Wes Martin has experience at left tackle. Wes Martin is a run blocking technician.
Weakness: Wes Martin lacks the broad build to carry his weight well. Wes Martin lacks the foot speed to cover space. Wes Martin lacks the flexibility to sustain against elite pass rushers. Very strong tackles can bull rush Wes Martin backwards.
Development: Wes Martin looks and plays like a big bowling ball. He knows who to hit and hits hard when working in small spaces. Out in space he can throw an occasional gutter ball. So he's a great player to create holes and lock guys up in the middle of the line, but he will be exposed if the Redskins try to use him in a lot of pulling, second level, and screen blocking situations. He's just a stiff player and unless he loses weight that probably cannot change. However, he is already on the lighter side for a left guard. With his football intelligence and strength he might dominate as a center if he took off 15 pounds of fat, but Wes Martin hasn't played center enough to know whether he can snap the ball reliably.
Fantasy Football Rating: Wes Martin is a plus blocker at the goal line, but limited as a pass blocker.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Wes Martin is strong and plays the right way, but with limited athleticism.

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