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Bryce Love

Washington Redskins




Strength: Bryce Love had one of the best seasons as a running back in major college football history. Bryce Love consistently broke off long runs before his injury. Bryce Love loves football and it shows. Bryce Love has great quickness and burst. Bryce Love has good vision. Bryce Love has good instincts in traffic. Bryce Love shows good instincts as a receiver.
Weakness: Bryce Love has an injury history. Bryce Love has a lot of wear on his body.
Development: Bryce Love has been playing football for a long time and it shows. He knows how to run with the football and he seems to do so well no matter what the formation or blocking scheme is in front of him. Running backs with good speed, agility, burst, and good vision are rare even in the NFL. If he ever returns to what he was before injury, he could be special. He probably won't be asked to play special teams because of his injury history, which makes you wonder if he won't just get stuffed on the injured list to take a redshirt year for further recovery. He could use that rehab time to study blitz pickup which is a much bigger emphasis for playing time in the NFL. Another possibility would be converting him to a third down back so that he gets utilized more in space with big play potential while cutting back on how many hits he takes in traffic.
Fantasy Football Rating: Crazy explosive home run threat.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Bryce Love could easily have been a #1 overall pick without the injuries. Were they flukes?

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