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Adonis Alexander

Washington Redskins


Supplemental 6th

Virginia Tech

Strength: Adonis Alexander has ideal size for a defensive back. Adonis Alexander has been an impact player against top competition at every position in the defensive backfield. Adonis Alexander has excellent leg explosion. Adonis Alexander has been successful playing all of the positions in the defensive backfield.
Weakness: Adonis Alexander has a wide variety of character and intelligence red flags in his past, ranging from arrests to drugs to academic deficiency. Adonis Alexander has had several different injuries cause him to miss time. Adonis Alexander lacks ideal cornerback quickness. Adonis Alexander is a bit slow for a cornerback.
Development: Adonis Alexander brings a lot of idealized physical attributes for a defensive back, but he also brings with him a lot of character questions. Will he be able to live a clean life and put in the work necessary to make it in the NFL? There is no question that the physical talent is there. But even on the football field he is not fully developed mentally or physically. He must show consistent growth to make the practice squad and rapid growth to make the roster this season. If he should somehow make the roster, his athleticism and ball skills will have to carry him as a special teams player and defensive back while the rest is developed over time. He faces long odds going forward, but if he's able to truly dedicate himself the tools are there to be a good NFL starter.
Fantasy Football Rating: Adonis Alexander has above average big play potential.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Adonis Alexander is a character project on his last chance, but with enticing physical tools.

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