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Timon Parris

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle

Rookie Free Agent

Stony Brook

Strength: Timon Parris has good size for an offensive lineman. Timon Parris has room to add muscle. Timon Parris is naturally strong. Timon Parris has played a lot of football. Timon Parris moves well laterally.
Weakness: Timon Parris is a little out of shape. Timon Parris had a leg injury to end his senior season. Timon Parris has played primarily against subpar competition. Timon Parris is not particularly athletic.
Development: Timon Parris is one of those big, talented players who attended a small school and easily dominated lesser athletes. The downside of that is that he didn't really need to perfect his craft, nor his body, in order to achieve his goals. In the NFL he faces a steep learning curve. Foremost, he needs to learn how to get leverage against bigger linemen. He needs to learn how to use his hands to control defenders as well. Timon Parris also needs to work on his strength and athleticism, which may actually be where he can improve most as he has been getting by mostly on what came to him naturally up to this point. All of these things usually take players years to develop in college and in the pros. So the question is how much time he'll be given to develop all of that. If he is able to perform well without all of that, he'll probably get a few chances to make practice squads. If he's over-matched early by better trained athletes, his career could end very quickly.
Fantasy Football Rating: Plus run blocker early, potential to be a plus pass blocker years down the road.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal body; small school project.

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