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Simmie Cobbs Jr

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Simmie Cobbs Jr has ideal strength as a wide receiver. Simmie Cobbs Jr has excellent speed for a tight end. Simmie Cobbs Jr has elite quickness for his size. Simmie Cobbs Jr put up solid numbers against good competition.
Weakness: Simmie Cobbs Jr is a bit slow for a wide receiver. Simmie Cobbs Jr takes some time to get up to speed. Simmie Cobbs Jr has some character red flags. Simmie Cobbs Jr has inconsistent hands. Simmie Cobbs Jr is a poor route runner.
Development: Simmie Cobbs Jr brings a history of production and a near-ideal body for the wide receiver position. However, he is a very raw prospect who will have to work really hard to show more than tantilizing physical traits if he wants to make the Redskins practice squad. He was successful against top college cornerbacks simply because he was stronger than most of them. NFL cornerbacks have been successful against bigger, stronger, and faster receivers than Simmie Cobbs Jr. He has a long way to go, startinging with his route running. If he can become a decent route runner, he will still need to prove he can consistently catch the ball.
Fantasy Football Rating: Looks like a red-zone receiver.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal body, raw project.

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