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Quin Blanding

Washington Redskins

Free Safety

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Quin Blanding has a good safety build. Quin Blanding was a very productive college player. Quin Blanding makes a lot of big plays. Quin Blanding plays hard. Quin Blanding works hard. Quin Blanding plays intelligent. Quin Blanding has been a durable player. Quin Blanding has experience at both safety positions. Quin Blanding uses excellent leg burst to close on pass plays and to explode into tackles. Quin Blanding is a good zone coverage defender.
Weakness: Quin Blanding lacks elite quickness. Quin Blanding has a lot of mileage on him. Quin Blanding has small hands. Quin Blanding has merely adequate safety speed. Quin Blanding lacks the agility to play cornerback. Quin Blanding has trouble covering quick little receivers in man coverage.
Development: Quin Blanding is a very experienced college player who was good from the start, yet managed to improve each year. It is difficult to find a hole in his game to explain him going undrafted. His limited man coverage skills may not be correctable, so a move to strong safety seems probable. However, he is an atypical very high floor player who was available as a rookie free agent. If he continues to stay healthy, he seems like a lock to at least make a team's practice squad. He has little left to learn and he learns very quickly, which should allow him to make a quick transition into playing a new defense. He makes his presence felt regularly on game day. It wouldn't be surprising to see him be the rare rookie free agent who is active for the first game of the season.
Fantasy Football Rating: Big time tackles and plus turnovers.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready-to-go, history of plus production, good build, but slightly below average athleticism measurements.

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