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Matt Flanagan

Washington Redskins

Tight End

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Matt Flanagan is intelligent. Matt Flanagan has a good tight end build. Matt Flanagan plays tough. Matt Flanagan has room to add muscle. Matt Flanagan is a powerful blocker at the second level.
Weakness: Matt Flanagan didn't catch many passes in college. Matt Flanagan is not a particularly agile route runner. Matt Flanagan has below average quickness for a tight end. Matt Flanagan is not fleet-footed. Matt Flanagan needs a lot of work on his blocking technique at the line.
Development: Matt Flanagan is experienced and intelligent, yet physically and mentally raw as a football player. His grit and intelligence are likely what have brought him to this point. If he is to continue with a career in football, he'll need to bulk up and become a better blocking technician. He doesn't really have much else to offer. If he shows himself strong in the weight room and shows continued improvement blocking during training camp, he has an outside shot at the practice squad this season.
Fantasy Football Rating: Goal line player.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal body project as blocking specialist.

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