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Martez Carter

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Grambling State

Strength: Martez Carter has a compact build. Martez Carter makes rapid cuts. Martez Carter is a plus receiver out of the backfield. Martez Carter is an experienced kick returner.
Weakness: Martez Carter is undersized as a halfback. Martez Carter is not particularly quick for a halfback. Martez Carter lacks elite speed.
Development: Martez Carter is a back who has more cuts than burst and speed. He's a tough little target to get a hold of when he has any space around him. However, he won't often run away from nor through a defense. For him making the practice squad will be about showing he can be a plus contributor on special teams and a good pass blocker in the backfield. It's pretty obvious when he has the ball in his hands that he's a tough guy to tackle as long as none of his teammates miss a block. If he can stay healthy and make a few big plays, he could find himself pushing for a spot as a change of pace back in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Solid receiving stats. Not a redzone back.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Slippery, compact back.

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