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Jerod Fernandez

Washington Redskins

Inside Linebacker

Rookie Free Agent

North Carolina State

Strength: Jerod Fernandez is an experienced inside linebacker. Jerod Fernandez has a nose for the football. Jerod Fernandez has strong in-game leadership skills. Jerod Fernandez was a very productive college player.
Weakness: Jerod Fernandez is a bit small for a linebacker. Jerod Fernandez is a bit slow for a linebacker. Jerod Fernandez has below average athleticism for a defensive player.
Development: Jerod Fernandez is one of those small players who doesn't have any special athletic skills, but somehow manages to be a team leader his entire college career. There really isn't anything else in particular for him to learn in order to play the pro game. He can do a bit of everything well, but can he do it on a field where he is the worst athlete? The odds are stacked against him, but he has shown he has the instincts and desire to succeed. He's the kind of player you can plug in if you have an injury and he'll be where he is supposed to be and do what he is supposed to do, but you probably don't want to be in a situation where you're relying on him to start for a whole season.
Fantasy Football Rating: Tackle machine who causes occasional turnovers.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: History of production, low ceiling.

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