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Garrett Hudson

Washington Redskins

Tight End

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Garrett Hudson has a reputation as a hard worker. Garrett Hudson is well-built. Garrett Hudson has good speed for a tight end. Garrett Hudson has good hands and can make adjustments to the ball. Garrett Hudson is a good zone-space blocker at the second level in the run game. Garrett Hudson uses his athleticism well when blocking blitzing defensive backs.
Weakness: Garrett Hudson is not a particularly strong blocker. Garrett Hudson struggles as a power run blocker. Garrett Hudson does not beat defensive backs in man coverage situations.
Development: Garrett Hudson has never been a top prospect. He has no elite skills. But he has produced and improved consistently over time. He is in great shape and has a mind for the game. The questions are about how much more upside he has, having already exceeded expectations. He has the mind and build to contribute on special teams. If he shows continual improvement as a tight end in training camp, he has a legitimate shot at the practice squad this season. For him to last in the NFL as a career, however, he's going to have to develop near flawless technique as a route runner and receiver, so that his hands and speed can make him a force. The odds are against him, but they always have been and he has always outperformed expectations.
Fantasy Football Rating: No short-term impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project with plus build, straight-line speed, and brains.

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