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Elijah Wellman

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

West Virginia

Strength: Elijah Wellman is intelligent. Elijah Wellman is tough. Elijah Wellman has a reputation as a hard worker. Elijah Wellman is a team player. Elijah Wellman is a leader. Elijah Wellman has room for more muscle. Elijah Wellman has shown some ability as a blocking tight end. Elijah Wellman has powerful leg drive as a ball carrier and blocker.
Weakness: Elijah Wellman is a bit slow for an NFL running back. Elijah Wellman is not particularly quick, nor nimble. Elijah Wellman has very limited ball handling experience.
Development: Elijah Wellman is your prototypical bowling ball fullback. He looks like a football player. He may have the skills to develop into an H-Back. In fact his best chance at a roster spot is probably to take over the role Niles Paul filled as a fullback, tight end, and special teams captain. While he is a very different player athletically, he is the same type of hard-nosed, football smart competitor who will take on all challenges. Most importantly for this season, Elijah Wellman is an excellent short yardage blocker. He has a lot of work to do to develop his skills as a pass blocker at the line and as a receiver, but those are not the primary reasons for him being on the team right now. If he can stick around for a year he'll quickly become one of the better fullbacks in the league, with the only question being whether enough teams need a fullback for him to find a spot in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Goal line specialist.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Traditional strong, hard-nosed fullback.

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