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Darvin Kidsy

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent

Texas Southern

Strength: Darvin Kidsy is an experienced returner. Darvin Kidsy is football smart. Darvin Kidsy is a willing blocker. Darvin Kidsy runs crisp routes from all over the field. Darvin Kidsy has exceptional quickness and burst in the open field.
Weakness: Darvin Kidsy lacks ideal wide receiver size. Darvin Kidsy hasn't shown himself to be a home run threat against weak competition. Darvin Kidsy is not particularly fast for his size. Darvin Kidsy was not a dominate small school player.
Development: Darvin Kidsy is a raw, small-school project with gifted leg burst. His workout numbers are solid, but he really shows off his legs on the field, where he can change direction and hit full speed again very quickly. Though he is raw, his quick cuts and burst portend well for his development as a gifted route runner. It helps that he played a wide variety of receiver positions and ran a wide variety of routes in college. In the short-term, his experience as a returner is his best hope of making the team or practice squad. If he's going to make it as a receiver in the NFL, it will be because he develops into a great route runner. The biggest question with him is that he hasn't shown himself to be able to consistently get separation and run away from the defense after the catch. He will likely start off his career working in the slot and will need to show quickly improving route running skills and a top gear if he wants to make enough of an impression to develop into a long-term NFL player.
Fantasy Football Rating: Explosive cuts receiver and returner without top end speed.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Small school project with elite trait: leg burst.

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