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Danny Johnson

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Danny Johnson has good speed. Danny Johnson is a nimble athlete. Danny Johnson is an explosive returner. Danny Johnson has quick burst out of cuts in the open field. Danny Johnson is in great shape. Danny Johnson has good hands. Danny Johnson plays with great intelligence and play recognition. Danny Johnson times his leaps and lunges well.
Weakness: Danny Johnson is small. Danny Johnson has no more room to add muscle to his body. Danny Johnson is not a good tackler.
Development: Danny Johnson is an experienced defensive back with ideal athleticism for the position, who was available as a rookie free agent because he lacks ideal size and he played against lesser competition. Danny Johnson is a quick learner who already has advanced football instincts and intelligence. Combine those traits with his excellence as a returner and you have a guy who could sneak onto the roster as a rookie free agent. He should be ready to contribute right away as a special teams player and shouldn't look lost very often when called upon to play defense. In fact he's one of those increasingly rare cornerbacks who is equally good in man and zone coverage schemes. He has good hands and when he has the ball in his hands he has great feet, burst, and speed, making him a home run threat. I would not be surprised if he didn't get some looks as a backup scat back option. He doesn't have a very high ceiling due to his size, but he has a high floor for a rookie free agent and it wouldn't be surprising to see him have a successful career in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Good hands and the ability to take the ball all the way.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Undersized, small school player with all of the athleticism, speed, and mental tools to get it done.

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