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Casey Dunn

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Casey Dunn moves well for his size. Casey Dunn has room to add muscle to his frame. Casey Dunn uses his hands well. Casey Dunn reads defenses well. Casey Dunn consistently bodies up his blocking assignments.
Weakness: Casey Dunn is a bit undersized for the offensive line. Casey Dunn is not particularly strong. Casey Dunn can be pushed backwards regularly by stronger defensive players.
Development: Casey Dunn is a smart player before and during the snap. He's also an above average athlete for an offensive lineman. However, he does not yet have the physical power to play offensive line in the NFL. He should be able to pick up the mental side of the NFL game more rapidly than most, but he'll only go as far as his physical growth takes him. The first question in his development is whether or not he can build enough strength to be ready to play at some point this season. The second question in his development is whether he'll be able to stick around in the NFL long enough to build up enough strength to get a shot at an NFL roster in the future.
Fantasy Football Rating: Good at making line calls and doesn't completely miss blocks.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Smart and athletic, lacks NFL strength but has room to add muscle: Weight training project.

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