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Cam Sims

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Cam Sims has ideal height for a receiver. Cam Sims displays good hand-eye coordination. Cam Sims shows good body control and hand strength when going up in the air for a jump ball.
Weakness: Cam Sims didn't earn a starting job in college. Cam Sims runs rounded routes. Cam Sims lacks burst. Cam Sims lacks NFL wide receiver speed. Cam Sims plays soft.
Development: Cam Sims looks like a top NFL wide receiver prospect. Cam Sims plays like a solid backup on a college football team. His only upside is his size. If he could add 20lbs and improve his blocking drastically, he'd have a better future as an average NFL receiving tight end. He is very raw in every aspect of the game and even with dramatic improvement and some injuries doesn't figure to make the roster this year. His only NFL hope would be to hang around on practice squads for a few years while studying to become a football tactician. At that point, he could provide some team with a serviceable red-zone threat.
Fantasy Football Rating: Red-zone specialist, but unlikely to make the team.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal body, but lacks athleticism, speed, and history of production.

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