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Geron Christian

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle



Strength: Geron Christian is very athletic for his size. Geron Christian has long arms and big hands. Geron Christian shows good balance and recovery. Geron Christian uses his feet well to make adjustments.
Weakness: Geron Christian lacks NFL strength. Geron Christian has a hard time recovering when bull rushers get under his arms.
Development: Geron Christian is a less powerful, but more athletic version of Morgan Moses 4 years ago. As such, Geron Christian comes in very unrefined in his game. He was able to dominate at the college level by simply being a better athlete than the guys across from him. His pass blocking skills are far ahead of his run blocking skills at this point. He needs a whole lot of work in the weight room before he's ready to face NFL linemen, or even linebackers. What's worse, he doesn't have the technique necessary to compensate for his lack of strength, particularly in the running game. Thus, Geron Christian is also a project player. His natural athleticism may be his best asset in the early going, as he should be physically capable of filling in at both tackle and both guard positions. If he remains healthy and works hard, Geron Christian certainly has the tools to some day start at one of those positions and should at the very least be able to stick around in the NFL as a versatile backup.
Fantasy Football Rating: Projects as plus pass blocker and plus pulling and zone blocker, but deficient as a short yardage run blocker.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal length and athleticism; technique and strength project.

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