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Derrius Guice

Washington Redskins




Strength: Derrius Guice was a dominant college halfback. Derrius Guice has above average quickness for his size. Derrius Guice has special teams experience. Derrius Guice has good vision. Derrius Guice knows how to set up blocks. Derrius Guice plays with toughness.
Weakness: Derrius Guice hasn't shown a lot of receiving skills in college. Derrius Guice has shown limited pass blocking and run blocking awareness. Derrius Guice has had a variety of negative allegations made about his behavior.
Development: Derrius Guice is probably the most plug-and-play first and second down back from the 2018 draft. Derrius Guice will have to learn how to run routes and pass block better to stay on the field in the NFL, but he has shown the intelligence and toughness to expect that to come quickly. Despite his size, Derrius Guice also needs to add some strength to his body in order to endure the NFL grind. Having said that, he's young and tough; with no one close to his physical talent level on the roster, it would be a disappointment if he didn't put up more than 1,000 yards as a rookie. Long term, it will be interesting to see how the character questions shake out and how his body holds up to the type of pounding runner he is.
Fantasy Football Rating: Classic grinder with a second gear who should get TDs, but expect below average receiving stats as a rookie.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready-to-go, but needing refinement, as a pounder. Likely to have a very productive career for as long as his body holds out.

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