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Trey Quinn

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver



Strength: Trey Quinn is an experienced returner. Trey Quinn has good hands. Trey Quinn has good route running instincts. Trey Quinn is a willing blocker. Trey Quinn caught a lot of passes in his last college season. Trey Quinn has a natural suddenness in the open field. Trey Quinn has a naturally strong build with room for more muscle.
Weakness: Trey Quinn only had one year of better than average production at wide receiver. Trey Quinn caught mostly short passes in college. Trey Quinn has average speed at best for a wide receiver.
Development: The Washington DC Redskins don't have a lot of talent at the back end of the WR depth chart, so Trey Quinn has an opportunity to compete for playing time right from the start, despite being the mr. irrelevant of the 2018 NFL draft. It doesn't hurt that he is coming off of an ultra-productive college season. He will be playing in a much more diverse route tree in the NFL, so he must show that he can do much more than was asked of him in college. He ran his routes well in college and was typically open, but made plays on the ball even when the pass wasn't where it was supposed to be. So the Redskins have every reason to be optimistic that everything will click for him at some point during his rookie season.
Fantasy Football Rating: Good hands and good routes, should get regular catches and TDs if he starts.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Classic possession receiver.

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