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Greg Stroman

Washington Redskins



Virginia Tech

Strength: Greg Stroman is an experienced returner. Greg Stroman has adequate NFL defensive back speed. Greg Stroman is a fluid athlete. Greg Stroman has ball skills. Greg Stroman has good vision as a runner.
Weakness: Greg Stroman has small hands. Greg Stroman has short arms. Greg Stroman looks thin boned. Greg Stroman lacks NFL strength. Greg Stroman has limited leaping skills.
Development: Greg Stroman is a gifted athlete, but he may not be a perfect fit for an NFL position. However, Greg Stroman is football smart and can do a lot of different things. He has improved greatly as a man cover corner over the last couple of seasons and could eventually find himself fighting for playing time there in the NFL. But, he's a little too raw right now. His football smarts, special teams experience, and athleticism will be his ticket in the early going. If he can stick around, then cornerback could be the role he takes. He also looks like a guy who could play some scat back at a high level. But really, it's all about special teams right now.
Fantasy Football Rating: Greg Stroman has a history of stat production in special teams and defense, but the latter is unlikely for the time being.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Greg Stroman is an undersized football player. Competitive. Productive.

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