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Shaun Dion Hamilton

Washington Redskins

Inside Linebacker



Strength: Shaun Dion Hamilton is smart. Shaun Dion Hamilton is football smart. Shaun Dion Hamilton shows strong leadership skills. Shaun Dion Hamilton has a reputation for hard work. Shaun Dion Hamilton tends to be in the right place to make plays against the run and in coverage.
Weakness: Shaun Dion Hamilton has had a couple of serious knee injuries. Shaun Dion Hamilton is a bit undersized for a linebacker. Shaun Dion Hamilton is not particularly strong for a linebacker. Shaun Dion Hamilton is a little slower than ideal for a linebacker.
Development: Shaun Dion Hamilton is coming in as a player who could have been a first or second round pick if not for injuries. If he is able to regain most of his athleticism, he should become a starter in the NFL. While his experience is primarily at inside linebacker, he has the size and aptitude to play a 4-3 middle linebacker. He hasn't gotten as much experience as you would like, but when he's played he's always been an apt quarterback of the defense. So while he has a lot of refinement to make in his technique and he'll need to do a lot of study to improve his NFL play recognition, he should be able to make these adjustments rather quickly. If he's fully healthy, it would not be a surprise to see him push for playing time by week 1.
Fantasy Football Rating: Team player who primarily makes others better.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Injury project with history of success and exceptional football intelligence.

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