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Tim Settle

Washington Redskins

Nose Tackle


Virginia Tech

Strength: Tim Settle has an ideal nose tackle build. Tim Settle uses his powerful lower body well. Tim Settle has a reputation as a hard worker. Tim Settle is quick enough to play defensive end in the 3-4. Tim Settle accelerates very quickly for his size. Tim Settle has good hand usage instincts. Tim Settle tackles with power.
Weakness: Tim Settle is not yet in NFL shape. Tim Settle is a raw upper body technique prospect. Tim Settle can get caught over-pursuing plays.
Development: Tim Settle brings an ideal build, good lower body strength, and a pattern of hard work and continual improvement to the NFL. He has a high floor as a gifted athlete for his size who can already hold the pile on running plays and the natural instincts to penetrate on passing plays. Because of his rare size and burst his ceiling is elite, but he has a lot of work to do if he's going to get there. He should be able to play right away, and could make some big plays if used primarily in isolation and push situations. As his career progresses he should be able to play anywhere on the defensive line and make some penetration plays, while his bread and butter should be pushing the offensive line backwards in the middle.
Fantasy Football Rating: Initially a run stopper, with occasional sack potential down the road.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project player, but high floor: excellent athletic burst/size with history of improving production. Elite ceiling: dependent on health and self-discipline.

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