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Da'Ron Payne

Washington Redskins

Nose Tackle



Strength: Da'Ron Payne shows great lane discipline. Da'Ron Payne shows good play anticipation and overall positional intelligence. Da'Ron Payne makes plays sideline to sideline. Da'Ron Payne consistently redirects inside and outside runs. Da'Ron Payne has great balance for a player of his size. Da'Ron Payne has above average speed for a nose tackle. Da'Ron Payne has above average agility for a defensive lineman. Da'Ron Payne stunts very well. Da'Ron Payne has natural hand usage skills. Da'Ron Payne seldom gets tied up by an offensive lineman.
Weakness: Da'Ron Payne is a weak tackler. Da'Ron Payne seldom finishes plays himself. Da'Ron Payne does not hold the line all that well for his size. Da'Ron Payne put up below average penetration stats in college.
Development: Da'Ron Payne is both ready to play in the NFL and a developmental project. In other words, he is a high floor, high ceiling player with untapped athleticism. He shows excellent penetration skills and is one of the best defensive linemen I've ever seen at bouncing off of blocks, yet lacks basic nose tackle plant and move the pile or tackle through the ball carrier skills. He actually plays the run more like a skilled middle linebacker, reading the plays and choosing the correct gap to cut off the ball carrier. Yet when the ball carrier gets there, Da'Ron Payne is more likely to hold him up or redirect him for someone else to tackle than to actually drive through the tackle to completion. Whether this is corrected or even needs to be corrected depends on scheme, but Da'Ron Payne is so often in the middle of busting run plays that he makes his teammates look much better than they are. In a typical play you will see him stunt and penetrate or bounce around the line following the ball, while generally having the discipline to redirect ball carriers toward teammates. In this way he tends to have an impact on most plays. So he can probably step into the starting lineup and make an impact right away, even if it isn't statistically visible. If the Redskins are able to further develop his technique, especially as a tackler, he has the natural athleticism to be a force playing anywhere along the line.
Fantasy Football Rating: Good for his teammates.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Unselfish, experienced physical specimen with rare size-athleticism traits who can dominate as a team player.

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