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Troy Apke

Washington Redskins

Strong Safety


Penn State

Strength: Troy Apke has ideal cornerback speed. Troy Apke has good defensive back size. Troy Apke has explosive legs, displaying rare agility from the safety position. Troy Apke is an experienced special teams player.
Weakness: Troy Apke has tiny hands. Troy Apke lacks ideal upper body strength. Troy Apke didn't show much on defense in college.
Development: Troy Apke is the type of safety that the Washington Redskins haven't had in a long time, in that he's fast enough and agile enough to cover wide receivers. Though primarily a strong safety in college, he projects as a free safety in the NFL due to his speed and man coverage skill. Though he is a willing tackler, he needs to learn to read plays better in order to get himself in the right spots to make them. Unfortunately, reading plays is a lot harder in the NFL than in college football. Troy Apke has a long way to go in the film room and in the weight room in order to reach his potential, but his crazy athleticism will give him time to develop. He'll be expected to show plus special teams skills and safety potential in order to make the roster. He did show a lot of growth over the course of his last college season. How far he goes will be dependent on how much he is able to develop mentally.
Fantasy Football Rating: Doesn't create a lot of stats.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Super athlete. Experienced special teamer. Safety project.

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