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Zach Pascal

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent

Old Dominion

Strength: Zach Pascal has good size and big hands. Zach Pascal has NFL average speed, agility, and quickness. Zach Pascal has been a successful special teams player. Zach Pascal has experience running the ball. Zach Pascal has good hands.
Weakness: Zach Pascal hasn't faced much competition. Zach Pascal is a raw route runner.
Development: Zach Pascal is a big receiver with a pretty raw set of skills. It's hard to gauge where he stands because he was simply so much more athletic than the competition he faced in college. Perhaps that athleticism is the key to judging where he is and how he needs to develop. In the NFL he'll have to combine that with precise, deceptive routes in order to get open and make use of his gifts. The Redskins will likely start from the ground up with him, trying to throw as much technique and play recognition as possible to get him ready for when the playing speed steps up on game days. In many ways he projects well for a an undrafted free agent, but few players face longer odds than wide receivers coming into the league that way. He'll have to show explosive playmaking day after day to earn a spot on the practice squad. Then he'll have to continue to do it all year from the practice squad just to hold that spot so he can get another chance next year. He definitely has the physical tools if he can fine tune his routes. I would not be surprised to see him eventually make it in the NFL, but the odds are stacked against it.
Fantasy Football Rating: Red-zone threat if he's on the active roster.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Small school project with natural hands and all-around athleticism; average measurables.

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